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‘Til Tuesday, “Believed You Were Lucky”

Back in the late ’80s—way before iPods, back even before I had my first CD player—my ex-boyfriend and I used to entertain ourselves by playing a game with the alarm clock radio. We’d turn the dial until we hit a song; the first person to identify it was the winner. (I know, this is the musical equivalent of trudging ten miles through the snow and ice to school, back before you kids had school buses.) I used to listen for this song. A radio DJ said it had a swear word in it, which you could hear if you listened closely. I could never catch it, and it wasn’t until I bought the album nearly a decade later that I could make it out: the f-word, in the fade-out at the end. (The video includes an edited version of the song.) “Believed You Were Lucky” came out before listening to Aimee Mann was in any way acceptable in rockist circles—for one, she still had the crazy hair. Even as late as 1996, when her great solo album I’m With Stupid came out, I told a friend over lunch that the new Aimme Mann record was really good, and he said, “How could that be?” A few years later, the Magnolia soundtrack answered the question.

Written by peterterzian

July 14, 2010 at 8:25 pm


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