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Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling, “The Water”

This is a video of Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling duetting on a song from his most recent album. The music is so melancholy that at first, before I had paid attention to the lyrics, I thought it must be about hopelessness and drowning—but it’s actually a very hopeful song, maybe a kind of modern-day sea shanty, about drawing sustenance from the natural world. When I watch this video, though, which was filmed in Laura Marling’s garden, I spend more time thinking about the garden than I do listening to the song: Why don’t I have a garden like that? How does one come to have a garden like that? I will probably never have a garden like that. I bet maintaining a garden like that takes a lot of work. I really wouldn’t have the patience to keep up that kind of garden. No garden for me, alas.

Written by peterterzian

October 24, 2010 at 9:21 am


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