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Friendly Fires, “Paris”

I like Friendly Fires well enough to watch their videos, but not much more than that. They’re not half bad looking, and the lead singer, Ed Macfarlane, does a campy gyrating dance that makes me happy. In this video, though, the camera spends far too much time on that floating grey balloon, or whatever it is. (They made a second video for the song, here, and that version is even worse.) It’s the lyrics that I love, as banal as they are. I have a copy of this song on my iPod, and I sing along when it comes on in the car, and then my boyfriend and I fall into a discussion of which major European capital we’d most like to settle in—Paris, London, Rome—when we strike it rich. I’m on it, I promise.

Written by peterterzian

January 19, 2010 at 5:59 pm

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