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Portastatic, “Song For a Clock”

“Passing me by, passing me by,” writes Nicholson Baker in A Box of Matches. “Life is.” This morning I woke up and thought, was it yesterday that we saw Kurosawa’s Stray Dog at Film Forum? No, it was six days ago. In the evening I roasted some fish in the oven, and when the timer went off the fish wasn’t quite done. So I reset the timer for two more minutes—too short a period to go do something else. The parsley was chopped, the pine nuts toasted. And so I stood in front of the oven and watched the seconds on the clock slip away. Today was warm, and soon it will be like winter never happened. This song is by Mac McCaughan’s Portastatic.

Written by peterterzian

January 17, 2010 at 12:03 am

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