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Wee Papa Girl Rappers, “Heat It Up”

There’s a period of pop music history that I secretly love, even though no one talks about it much and I imagine music historians might think of it as a great big mess. In the late ’80s, everything got all mixed up—the alternative bands were putting out big, splashy, radio-ready albums; hip-hop was having its poppy moment; rock, indie gothy stuff, was enhanced by a dance beat and plinky-plonky noises. Thus, everything started to sound a little trashy. I bought a handful of crazy, slick singles and one-off albums by artists who had relatively short careers. No single one of these musicians really gained much traction in my life or in my record collection, but I think of the entire period as nevertheless being a whole lot of fun. I’ve been bookmarking some videos from this period as I come across them, and I’ll post them over the next few days.

This was a single I bought by a pair of sisters who were kind of like a British Salt ‘N’ Pepa. “Heat it Up” sounds like a lot of songs from this period—actually, it sounds a lot like “Pump Up the Volume,” with its spoken-word samples and chunka-chunka beat. The video, set against a big Twister board, is pretty typical too, with a total of three costume changes (one outfit for nightlife, one for painting the house, and one for traveling through Russia).

Written by peterterzian

December 12, 2010 at 5:06 pm


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